You'll have the target client's flow to your website, market page, etc.
Product to Market
Activities / advertising / promotions must be carried out in several stages
  • Pre-Launch. The stage of media planning and preparation of the necessary materials. At this stage, it is essential to prepare all the necessary infrastructure and creative assets, set up analytics, create and fill out the site and social accounts with content, determine the main channels for attracting users.
  • Soft Launch. At this stage, most often, the product is first launched in the test market before entering worldwide. It is the stage that will allow you to avoid costly mistakes when starting the product. This stage is the one that will allow you to understand whether the product has real value/benefits for customers, test the channels of attraction, get real data on Conversion funnel, determine the cost of attraction, LTV, retention, churn rate, and other indicators. Based on which you can make calculations for the main launch and scaling.
  • Launch. Based on the data obtained from the previous stages and making the necessary adjustments, we will make the main launch of the product, during which it is essential to keep abreast of events, collect the necessary statistics, analyze it and quickly make adjustments both to the product itself and its promotion.
      Promotion of an existing product
      Every day, over 8,000 applications for Android and iOS are released worldwide. Therefore, without well-thought-out and effective marketing support, even a well-made product can easily be lost. A planned and thought out set of InBound and OutBound activities increase brand visibility and boost your number of users/customers
      • Media Planning. Having many years of experience working with various industries and communication channels around the world, we will choose, calculate the cost and effectiveness of the digital channels of promotion based on the media consumption of your target audience, target market, and marketing goals.
      • User Acquisition. We offer accommodation in any digital channels available to promote your service or application. Regardless of the market and vertical, we can provide effective placement of contextual and display advertising, ASA (AppStore search ads), and traffic attraction on CPI and CPA models.
      • Organic growth. Organic users have higher product engagement as they were self-motivated to install your app or use service. Therefore, along with the involvement of Paid Users, we can offer a range of activities such as SEO / ASO / SMM / content marketing/influencers outreach to attract Organic Users.
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